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French musician based In Paris, Jean-Baptiste Bridon plays the trumpet, the trombone and the piano. As a jazz soloist or lead in a section, he has multiplied collaborations for several years all over the world. He performs and recorded for Karsu, Courir Les Rues, Dadju, Disneyland Paris, Imany, Gauvain Sers, Electro Deluxe, Glenn Miller Memorial Orchestra, Dutch Jazz Orchestra, the choreographers Alban Richard et Mickaël Phelippeau, Nouvelle Vague, The Vintage Orchestra, Spirit of Chicago Orchestra… and many TV Shows.

He teaches trumpet and improvisation to blind children at INJA. (National Institute for Blind Youth).

His work as a composer and arranger leads him to write from the brass section to the symphony orchestra. For several years he has led his own big band, the Humans Palace Orchestra.

Jean-Baptiste Bridon plays

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